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Thank you for checking out my website. This website has not yet been translated into English. However I do coach in English, for both Personal Training as for Life Style Coaching.
Below you find a short summary of what I can offer.

Please contact me for more information:

By email: maike@oehoefitcoach.nl
By phone: 06 5550 9160

Fun fact: I have been chosen to be the “Best Personal Trainer” of 2021 in Amersfoort by the Dutch Fitness Awards.
And I became 5th “Best Personal Trainer of the Netherlands” of 2021 in the National Competition chosen by a professional jury of NL Actief.

Have a great day!

Maike – Oehoe FIT Coach

Oehoe FIT Coach

I have experienced, personally and from the people I have worked with, that life is so much better when the body and the mind are fit and healthy. So many people want to be fit and healthy, but life (you yourself, people around you, work, etc.) demands so much and to keep everything going is very time consuming and doesn’t leave you with much time for self care. I can help with a better balance and a healthier mind and body. 

Fitter. Stronger. Healthier.
These are keywords for a healthy life. In personal training and life style coaching I focus on these elements to reach the goal you want to achieve. Together we create a program that works for you. There is no standard program with Oehoe FIT Coach, as each and every person is different. 

I offer three different packages with each their own options. 
– Personal training
– Life style coaching
– Parkinson Boxing

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